Chak sets Record with 233

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Chak, Clicking Championship who recently won an X-Bows & Das Keyboard, set the new 10FastFingers Normal Test record with a 233 and verified it by submitting a 227 below:

10FastFingers Normal Top 7 All-Time:

  1. Chak – 233 WPM
  2. Sean Wrona – 220 WPM
  3. Taran – 219 WPM
  4. QBZ – 217 WPM
  5. Viper – 216 WPM
  6. Jashe – 213 WPM
  7. Schollie – 212 WPM
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One comment

  1. My true record on typeracer would be 3 stars. I don’t think I have typed on TyperA before. On the 10 minute, I made 48 errors, but I did get 160.4 wpm, so that is the only one that I am probably a specialist at. On the triangle, I am on tier 7 for but 10 fast fingers. Typeracer, I think I am right @ the Tier 6 cutoff, and Nitro, it’s been such a long time. I think I am on Tier 5. Sean Wrona is on Tier 8 for everything, probably. And he’s easily a specialist at everything. Chak is typing right alongside with him right now. I know, Chak won the tournament, but Sean has won so many Intersteno 10 minute tournaments. There’s a lot of competition this year in typing and it seems like it’s a bigger deal than it has been as I’ve been active on both and typeracer for several years now.

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