Chak Wins Epic 10-hour Tournament to claim Clicking Championship.

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In a grueling 10-hour, 100-racer Typeracer tournament with ~150 stream viewers, The #2-seeded Chak outlasted Sean Wrona in an exhausting battle for the ages. This tested not just speed, but mental focus and physical endurance as the young champion claimed the title at 3:30am EST!

Final segment of Chak vs. Sean Wrona

The tournament, designed and hosted by Nico Borst, was the largest Typing Esport tournament in many years, with ~$2000 in prize value awarded to participants and viewers. The event had all the elements of a sport, including stunning upsets, replayed result-reversals, audience cheering and heckling of contestants!

Tournament Finalists:

  1. Chak: X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard PLUS $100 cash, Das Keyboard 5Q smart.
  2. Sean Wrona: X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard, Spacecat Designs $125 VISA Card
  3. Mako: X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard, £50 Gift coupon from
  4. Kathy: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart, Typeracer Premium 12-month
  5. Sidd: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart, Typeracer Premium 12-month
  6. Eikomaniac: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart, Typeracer Premium 12-month
  7. Leonidas: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart

Bracket and Results

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More Updates to follow in the coming days!

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    What an amazing night and great showing by all the players. It was such a pleasure to make this tournament from the grassroots, and with everyone’s support including P Phan, Spondulix, and Taran, and all of you for watching and competing.

    So hyped for how this went, can’t wait to see the future for Typing Esports!

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