Clicking Championship Rankings (Update)

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This the first update in our recap of the Clicking Championship, with more to come.

Final Eight: These Players under the Tournament Rating system devised by Nico Borst receive an A19 Rating.

  1. Chak
  2. Sean Wrona
  3. Mako
  4. Kathy
  5. Sidd
  6. Eikomaniac
  7. Leonidas
  8. Alabama (Lost 7th place tiebreaker vs. Leonidas 10-0)

Top 16: Glevion, Gnikgg,Hreyfill,Vielle,Angeio,Birthdaykids,Vespasian Zapakh. These players will be considered B19, equivalent to Hero.

Top 32: Ayeyuhskuh,Dylan, jlachney, nmyo, prestonvchang, PrimalKnight @TimmyFromDominos @type4harambe @__kc__ @andreaak00 @B R E N @darkusha @Foggy Jashe @Keegan @RepeaterCreeper

Top 64: @_slowmotion_ @all3nvan @bananamath @bazookajojo @Bruhdooh Calculus(uchihalol) @courtreporter @DankNissan @drpraeclarum @itshawky @jyin @Khronic @ssteve @vfctyrant @whalsey1 @ヒマ (hima) @Artumon @Bladevampirek @hyper_racer j2k__ @Jefry1217 @McFlurrySwag @minhxuan2507 @pangeacake @mporsche02 @Plinkiplonk sangyoung @singhajeet1232 @Incendiary @ubulin @Wabadaba @yoyoyonono

As requested, we will provide further detail and lead up to a live event recap. Stories, and experiences will also be shared as we have had some time to reflect on the historic event. Certificates are also being looked into. Don’t forget to join the Discord and receive esport credit for achievements! Stay tuned.


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