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About this site & what is [10FF]?

This site was formed from a unified triangle of 10FF, Typeracer, and Nitrotype. [10FF] was literally a team I created on Nitrotype, which connected me with the upcoming youth talent for our esport. Normally, these communities stay separate but we came together under a shared love of the idea of Typing as an Esport and we're here to establish that identity by working together.

Long story short, [10FF] featured some of the very best racers from 10FF, Typeracer, and Nitrotype.  Chak, Vielle, Schollie, Alpha Panda, Eiko, Ayasu, Vishy, Angelo, Andrea, and the list kept growing.  No one really expected this. I realized that we all liked the feeling of being under a common cause. Despite any differences, the love of the sport was strong enough that we now feature Sean Wrona and many other great typists to come.

Collectively, this allows us to get the sponsorship and support we need to do organized esports. Please get the word out and support each other!