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The Clicking Championship I

Thank you for the participation and trust of the community, our sponsors, as well as Nico Borst for designing the network's first tournament. We have a lot to discuss and share about the event.

Winners.  Get in touch with me. I will need *a* shipping address. Please allow X-Bows and KBD some time as they are on Chinese New Year. Expect up to 4-6 weeks.

  1. Chak: X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard PLUS $100 cash, Das Keyboard 5Q smart. (confirmed email/shipping)
  2. Sean Wrona: X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard, Spacecat Designs $125 VISA Card
  3. Mako: X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard, £50 Gift coupon from (confirmed email/shipping)
  4. Kathy: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart, Typeracer Premium 12-month (confirmed email/shipping)
  5. Sidd: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart, Typeracer Premium 12-month (confirmed email/shipping)
  6. Eikomaniac: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart, Typeracer Premium 12-month
  7. Leonidas: Das Keyboard 5Q Smart

Audience Winners: You will receive an email directly from me (P. Phan) with further instructions for delivery of your Keyboard. Note that some sponsors may not ship internationally. Please allow up to six weeks.  Sponsors reserve the right to make changes or refuse.

  1. Thomas Hunnisett, North Hampton, ENG, UK.
  2. Angel Meza Felix, Tijuana, BCN, Mexico
  3. ShadowyShadows (Shanon on Nitrotype), Windermere,FL,  USA. (Sending to Galaxied on behalf of Shanon, confirmed email/shipping)
  4. Noah Morris, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA (confirmed email/shipping)
  5. Jonathan Shi, Palo Alto, CA, USA
  6. Wabadaba, San Diego, CA, USA
  7. Logan Shepardson, Oswego, NY, USA
  8. Sean Green, Massillon, OH, USA.

Event Recap and Summary: We will work on this together as you share your stories.

  • Certificates are very doable
  • Tournament stats can be developed into an Esport rating
  • Please post any thoughts, feedback, and ideas regarding the Clicking Championship I. Your stories, experiences, wishes, everything.

We should be able to have physical certificates with our name and placement for once the tournament is over, I know Sharique and I are going to without a doubt want a certificate once all is said and done.

Alright we can certainly post results on this website and look into generating certificates.

I would love the official certificate idea that tells how we did throughout the tournament, not only the placement. But maybe our max wpm while in the Tournament, as well as our averages for the groups of 10 races we complete. Maybe also stating that only 80+wpm averages was even allowed to join the tournament. I believe it would look good to turn in with resumes etc. when we apply to Tech & Typing Jobs as well.

Will we be ranked by how far we make it in the tournament, or will we be ranked by Averages? the reason why I ask, for example, if we are just ranked by how we did in the tournament, then someone with 80 wpm average who manages to defeat 2 opponents by not typing over 90 wpm, would be defeating someone who types 95/100 averages consistently if they did not get past their first double ellimination matchup?
I think it would be awesome if the certificate had the following stats included from the results of the tournament.

Our real name (optional), along with our typeracer username.

Maybe a percentage of our rank among Fast Typist in the world like 10fastfingers gives us upon completion of the race (top 5% of racers) this would be very nice, considering only like the top 10% of all races even qualify at 80 W.P.M. Averages to join the Clicking Championships.

Overall Accuracy %Percentage% for how we did in the tournament.

Max Race during the Tournament.

Average Wpm during the Tournament.

This would be very respectable to any organization that we apply to, if it included all of these stats. Thanks for considering, and allowing us to leave feedback and allowing us to help shape the E-Sports Community!

So glad to be a part of this tournament (not just because I won something, haha)
A few criticisms is that the time is really not European-friendly (I had to stay up until 5:30am) and that the tournament lasted for far too long, but I think that's because of slow room organisation and the amount of participants. Perhaps next time more organisers and pools would make it faster ahah

GGs all though! Was fun 🙂

This tournament was a lot of fun. It was long, but it ran way smoother than I expected, given that this is the first TCC. I was always able to get an admin response, and eventually get situated into a lobby. Great work!

Thanks to the organizers and sponsors for making this possible!

I'd love to see more in the future! As a viewer, it was awesome to witness to big moments happening live without actually being on the typing side of things (LOL). Nico is amazing at commentating and very entertaining! More Nico and more tournaments! I'd definitely participate sometime in the future 🙂

I can't believe I actually won a giveaway! And at least it's something useful!