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Tournament Suggestions.

Hi there, my name is Tyrant!

I participated in The Clicking Championship 1 under the name: "Training To Beat Ayeyuhskuh"   I placed 33rd, but this article isn't about me, it's about the tournament experience, and where improvements can be made.

I am going to formally apologize for any crappy formatting, bad grammar, etc.
I'm not a professional article writer or anything. this is just my thoughts on what we can do to improve the tournament experience for both Viewers and Players, as this first time, wasn't exactly perfect, but that's ok, it's the first time, and we'll definitely improve the second!

First off, let me describe how we're going to divide this suggestions list up.
I'm gonna have 2 levels of suggestion, or importance: Important, and Quality of Life.   Quality of life is just extra sauce that can make the tournament a tad bit better, but Important changes are things I believe would have made the tournament a lot better than what it was.


1. We need more TOs!  Spondulix was single-handedly assigning rooms to all racers, and I wont lie, in the earlier parts of the tournament that took a while. At one point I had to wait for 30 minutes just to get put into a room, I do believe this will be improved in future tournaments, and my personal recommendation is 2-3 TOs managing room assignments.

2. We should probably split the Tournament into two days; The beginning parts of the bracket were slow, and surely some members got exhausted, Sean Wrona himself mentioned he was sort of tired in the final, though across 10 hours, I can't blame him.    My personal suggestion for this: Stream 128+ participants down to 32 or 16, and then take individual focus on the top 32 or 16 on the second day.

Quality of Life:

1. Multi-Streams or 1.5 Player VODs:

1.  There were plenty of matches that went un-seen, that's fine, you can't expect to see every match, but having maybe 2 streams that focus on wanted matches from the viewers can allow those to watch matches they really want to watch especially in the earlier bracket, and both streams would go towards the tournaments overall view count, so it's fine!

1.5. Player VODs, now that's an idea, if possible, next tournament we should request players available to record their own matches to do so, that way we can upload them onto a channel dedicated to Typing E-sports OR the Clicking Championship itself, that way all can see the matches if they so desire.

2. Player Cams: This is a VERY minor suggestion, as it can be a pain to troubleshoot and format, though it is possible.  You could have typists enter a discord call with the caster(s) and turn their cameras on (maybe mute their mics), and if you're using OBS to stream, you can take discord as a source and crop it to the camera and use it in the scene, it's a bit of a pain to set-up for some players, and if both players don't have cams you would have to just settle for their icon in a little box, but it'd definitely up the experience.

3. Links to player information if applicable or wanted, this would take a bit of time to set up, but it could be done, for instance, player twitters, typeracer profiles, really anything, this is a pretty minor suggestion, but if the sport gets bigger, it may be rightfully useful.


This is all of the suggestions I have for the tournament.  Now please keep in mind, I loved the tournament experience, there were difficulties sure, but it was a blast! I'd love to do this a second time, and I would also love it if more people added their own suggestions and categories in the comments!   Tyrant Out.


I very much agree with everything that you said above, good suggestions. I've already gave my suggestion of making a certificate for each and every player from the tournament who desired to have one with accuracy, average wpm, and max wpm of their performance during the tournament, also making it display what %Percentage% of Typist they're ranked among the world of typists. I think it would look very impressive on any resumes to have a nice little certificate displaying all of the information. For example anyone that can type 80 wpm on average already is in the top 10% of Typist according to 10fastfingers if I'm not mistaken, and those with an average of 93 wpm on average are within the top 5% of typist in the world. Then of course there are very exceptional Typists such as Chak & Sean Wrona who blow away their competition, they are the best or 0.001% of typists I assume.

I also would enjoy more than just 2 announcers, maybe invite other popular Typists from Youtube and other platforms such as Twitch who talk for different games to come be the voice of the tournament. Some would probably view it as an honor. That's not stating that Nico and Taran can't do a stream of their own as well, I am just saying everyone should be more open minded and not close up their minds to allowing other announcers to come and attempt to narrate the Tournament as well. At the end of it, the users could even vote for which Announcer's performance they prefer and enjoyed best. Maybe the best Announcer with the most votes would even get a prize from the Sponsors as well. I seen one guy from the Discord Suggestion offered to announce it but was denied very quickly because they already had the spots taken. Nico and Taran's Stream was the only one that was advertised, I think there was another twitch streamer, streaming his own performance as well, all people who are streaming from the E-Sports Competition should be advertised or at the very least mentioned at the start of the tournament to give the audience more options to go view a variety of different streams so that they won't be limited to just one.

The idea of letting players submit their own recorded videos all to be uploaded to a E-Sports Dedicated Channel is a fantastic idea. That way no one will be left out, I found that the Stream mainly focused on the Lower Bracket, and the Upper Bracket, showing the improvement Gap, but a lot of the Average ranked Speed 30s/40s rank got overlooked and wasn't in the Stream at all. I think this was very disappointed to some, after announcing to their friends to come watch the stream, then there friends stood there watching for 10 hours not able to see our names. Lol Then we'd have to just link them to the Leaderboard after, "Hey, we were in the Tournament, see?" Haha. but ultimately, the tournament was a good experience, and I have made lots of friends and exchange discord with them from the Tournament, it's something very enjoyable, that I feel like was fun to be a part of.

For my Critic View:

1. Some parts of the Stream felt very unprofessional to me, at some points it felt like they were talking about Pizza because they were bored with the typists performances. Lol Also the same things kept being displayed over and over, until it seemed like oh no this part again. Lol Also, at one point I heard someone sounded like they just woke up and started singing in the Stream, this part was very funny, then they leaned toward the Stream and said, "Oh, they're still racing huh?" It was probably a friend of Nicos, or a Roommate and yes, I know it couldn't have been helped, but maybe if they broke the stream up over several days and focus on each group of players, this type of thing wouldn't have happened. Lol I really can't see that happening at a professional streamer's twitch, but then again, since it's live you can't really predict what will happen and when it will happen. Half the people who were connected to the Stream, seem to be there just for the free keyboard opportunity, and some would just leave it open and listen to the background sounds until they heard something about the keyboard or their favorite typist being mentioned. I kinda feel like it didn't quite capture the viewers attention as much as it should have this time around because the stream felt too off-topic.

2. Some of the jokes felt a bit inappropriate as well for some audiences. I think if it's a world-wide Typing Organizations, all jokes must follow some type of guidelines and never cross them.

3. The Tournament took way too long to complete as you already stated that Sean Felt Tired, Chak is the winner, he had the stamina to finish it, but deep down, I do wonder if the results had been different if they let Chak and Sean Battle it out the first time they met in the tournament, as Sean won the first set of matches quite easily, but then got over-taken in the latter.

4. For me Typos in the quotes felt unreasonable. I mean E-Sports is trying to establish a professional view to the public, and to have so many quotes miss punctuated and with as many typos as this one has (that for sure hindered Kathy's performance at one point she looked like she re-typed a word 5 times, and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work, only to realize that she was probably typing it correctly, but the quote itself was typed incorrectly. By doing this, it kinda makes it pointless to learn correct vocabularly if you have to check each  word in the tournament quote to make sure the submitter didn't make a typo. Lol)

5. I think they should've made how to videos on how to use the Discord Groups, I know atleast 1 of the guys participating said he couldn't find his room link in the tournament and Nico and Taran was talking about it, then one of them said, something about maybe he didn't want to find his room, suggesting that he was quitting because he was scared, I feel as tho that was a very lame thing to say about him, since he did show up, check in for the tournament to even get that far, why would he want to back out at the last minute, and if he did want to back out, why announce that he can't find his room link? To me that sounded like someone needing help and was brutally over-looked and mocked for it.

Sorry if my Critic views have been too harsh, but I am just typing what I feel from witnessing the other players and playing in the tournament myself (I ranked 49 with several others) it was a very fun tournament overall, thanks for the fun times.