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New Typing Tournament Rating System
3 months ago 1 Comment

There is now an opportunity for all competitors in tournaments to show off their skills in tournaments. Introducing: player ratings. Based off of a letter rating system (A through E), we are implementing a universal standard for Typeracer tournaments. This will easily be introduced into any other competitive typing game such as NitroType or 10FF […]

4 months ago 9 Comments

The Clicking Championship 1 hosted by Nico Borst Event and Registration Information The Clicking Championship 1 (TCC1, or just CC1) is an online, competitive Double-Elimination Tournament that will take place on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 3:00 PM PST (6:00 PM EST). This is a sponsored event by with a prize for the winner […]

Competitive Typing Tournament, Ruleset and Guidelines
4 months ago 4 Comments

Competitive Typing Tournaments Preliminary Guidelines and Rules (by Nico Borst)   Tournament Structure Introduction In an effort to bring competitive, high-level typing to a wider audience and create more competition, I’ve devised some basic rules and guidelines. My goal is to create a rudimentary layout for the tournament structure that will foster a universal standard. […]

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