The Clicking Championship 1

The Clicking Championship 1

hosted by Nico Borst

Event and Registration Information

The Clicking Championship 1 (TCC1, or just CC1) is an online, competitive Double-Elimination Tournament that will take place on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 3:00 PM PST (6:00 PM EST). This is a sponsored event by with a prize for the winner of this tournament. Registration will be held until January 26th, 2019.

Click here to register using our event signup sheet.

  • You must have a registered Megaracer (80+ wpm average) TypeRacer account, with at least 100 games played to be eligible to enter. It only takes around one hour to complete 100 games, so there should be no reason this prevents you from entering the tournament. Please meet the qualifications before applying, lest your application is denied.
  • This tournament will happen in one day over around three hours. To fully participate in the tournament and not risk potential disqualification, please ensure you have the whole Saturday afternoon/evening available to commit to this event.

TCC will be streamed as the event is going on. To watch the stream live, go to on February 2nd where matches will be livestreamed and commentated on.

Tournament Logistics

Around 30 minutes prior to the tournament begins, I will post the Challonge link to the brackets to see who you are up against. Do not play until you are given the OK by me or one of the tournament organizers, and do not play in your own private race rooms. I or another TO will inform you where you need to be and who you need to play.

  • Each player has 15 minutes maximum to be ready to play against their opponent once the match is prepared. Once fifteen minutes have passed, a free game win will be given to the opponent. If 20 minutes have passed, two more free game wins will be given to the opponent. If after 30 minutes you have not shown up and are not ready to play your opponent, you will be disqualified from the tournament and your opponent will get a free match victory.
  • You will be given custom race rooms to play against your opponents. Both of you will play first to 10 games (one set) to determine the winner. You will need to keep track of this yourselves, which is most easily done in the raceroom’s chat.
  • Quitting after a text has started is considered a game loss.
  • You may be asked by me to be on stream, if so please note that Taran and I will be commentating and watching you and your opponent live on Twitch.
  • If you suspect your opponent of cheating, message me or one of the TOs immediately. Anyone caught cheating with verifiable evidence will be banned from this event as well as all future CC Tournaments.
  • Stenographer usage is not allowed, and is considered a form of cheating.
  • The bracket is double elimination, so when you lose your first match you still have an opportunity to come back in the Loser’s bracket. Please pay attention and follow along the bracket as the event transpires.
  • Winner’s Semi-finals and Finals, Loser’s Semi-Finals and Finals will be played best 2 out of 3 sets. Between each set a 5 minute break is allowed. Grand Finals will be played 3 out of 5 sets. Remember, one set is 10 games.

Tournament Updates

I will continue posting updates about the tournament, applications, and prizes as we get closer and closer to the tournament. A follow-up post will be made on the 27th after registration has closed, showing who will be in the tournament. To stay up-to-date, make sure to regularly check

Remember the winner will receive a prize from our sponsor! More information on this will come later.





  1. What are the rules surrounding steno usage? Because if you allow steno, there’s about a 99% chance that the winner will be a steno user. (Which I’m not against, but I feel like that might defeat the purpose for many people)

  2. Oh sorry! This tournament will be in which kind of languages? I only speak spanish and I think this is a great Idea!
    Thanks for all

    1. Yeah basically, each player will be given a custom raceroom for each match. Some of them will be streamed and we’ll ask the two players to wait before playing for me and Taran (who are co-commentating) to enter and spectate.

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