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New Typing Tournament Rating System

There is now an opportunity for all competitors in tournaments to show off their skills in tournaments.

Introducing: player ratings.

Based off of a letter rating system (A through E), we are implementing a universal standard for Typeracer tournaments. This will easily be introduced into any other competitive typing game such as NitroType or 10FF as well.

The results from the first ever high-level esports Typeracer tournament (The Clicking Championship 1) show it as an A4 Rated Event. But what does that mean?

Well, here are the results with the corresponding ratings awarded:

  1. chak A19
  2. arenasnow A19
  3. mako A19
  4. Kathy A19
  5. sidd A19
  6. eikomaniac A19
  7. Leonidas A19
  8. Alabama A19
  9. Glevion B19
  10. gnikgg B19
  11. Hreyfill B19
  12. Vielle B19
  13. angeio B19
  14. birthdaykids B19
  15. Vespasian B19
  16. Zapakh B19
  17. ayeyuhskuh C19
  18. Dylan C19
  19. jlachney C19
  20. nmyo C19
  21. prestonvchang C19
  22. PrimalKnight C19
  23. TimmyFromDominos C19
  24. type4harambe C19
  25. __kc__ D19
  26. Andrea D19
  27. B R E N D19
  28. darkusha D19
  29. Foggy D19
  30. Jashe D19
  31. Keegan D19
  32. RepeaterCreeper D19
  33. _slowmotion_ E19
  34. all3nvan E19
  35. bananamath E19
  36. bazookajojo E19
  37. Bruhdooh E19
  38. Calculus(uchihalol) E19
  39. courtreporter E19
  40. DankNissan E19
  41. drpraeclarum E19
  42. itshawky E19
  43. jyin E19
  44. Khronic E19
  45. ssteve E19
  46. Training To Beat Ayeyuhskuh E19
  47. whalsey1 E19
  48. hima E19

High-Placing Competitors Get Rated.

An A4 Rated Event means that the top 8 players will get an A Rating. The top 16 will get a B Rating, top 24 a C Rating, top 32 a D Rating and top 48 an E rating. Future sanctioned tournaments of all varieties will use the rating classification chart to determine who gets what rating after the tournament is finished.

Another important thing to note is that ratings are also based off of the year they are received- so each competitor received a fresh 2019 rating. (Ratings decay after 4 years and will drop to the next letter)

What does this mean for future tournaments?

In an effort to have a more realistic initial seeding, as well as rewarding players who may not finish first but still place high in tournaments, ratings will help standardize the meta-game of Typing esports.

There is now a reason for all players to join tournaments, unrated or A rated, who aspire to become a higher level player and gain more notoriety.

Soon, wpm.gg will become a universal standard for hosting and entering typing tournaments of all games, and each game will have their own separate rating systems based off the same model. This creates new exciting scenarios like…

“Triadic” Typists who are A rated in NitroType, Typeracer, and 10FF…
Upset matches of C-Rated Typists beating A-Rated typists
Unknown, unrated typists making an upset in a high rated event…
Tournaments for unrated typists, allowing newcomers a chance to shine…

Stay tuned for more updates on tournaments to come, and learn how you can earn your own rating.